Most of my Amnesia fics can be found at my AO3 page, but there are also some very old ones from the ye olde kinkmeme and that I haven't uploaded anywhere. I've decided to host those here for the sake of preservation, but do note that they have not been proof-read, spellchecked, or re-touched in any manner.

On One Stormy Night

Daniel, 7 years old, has been placed in Alexander's care. He wakes up scared and alone in Brennenburg, his new home, unable to sleep through the storm.

The Ascending Room

The old elevator breaks down again, trapping Alexander and Daniel on their way down to the dungeon, with no means of getting out - and without a source of light. Daniel starts to panic, and Alexander finds ways to distract him from the darkness.

Too Far From Redemption (unfinished)

Daniel has found himself an unlikely ally in Philip as the two descend deeper into the hell that is Brennenburg. A sudden flashback in the choir sends Daniel down the bad memory lane, scaring both of them in the process.

Note: this fic is incomplete. I accidentally deleted the second half and haven't been able to recover it since.