Regarding Alexander's portrait on low sanity

QUESTION: What's your interpretation of Alexander's melty melty face demon portrait? Do you think that's actually his actual alien face? When I first saw it I thought it was Daniel's mind mixing his features together with the globbiness of the shadow. I could almost imagine that some of his nightmares could have involved him seeing people with these melting features, and that this later translated into "reality" when he went more insane when looking at Alexander's portrait. -sent by anonymous

I’ve actually never thought about it much, to be honest. Personally, I think it was just Daniel starting to lose it, since most (if not all) of the other paintings transform as well when you’re low on sanity. It was really creepy, though, freaked me the hell out when I first saw it… And same here, I thought about the Shadow immediately when I saw it, like Daniel started hallucinating Alexander’s face had turned into that red ooze. Could very well be that Daniel’s mind playing tricks on him - he has already decided that Alexander is evil, even going as far as calling him a demon, so perhaps it’s a manifestation of his vision about the baron? Whatever the case, it’s one of my favourite scares in the game.