Regarding Alexander's age and supposed frailty

QUESTION: Reading former-Daniel's note to himself, is his statement that "Alexander is old and weak." Would you say that's legit the truth, or just what former-Daniel wrote to assure new-Daniel? Alexander has been handling prisoners alone for a very long time, and it's kinda hard to think he's that weak, when he can perform all those different forms of torture, especially the physically taxing ones. Not like we ever get to see Alexander's true strength, but he's not human, so who knows? -sent by anonymous

That’s what I think too, it was either Daniel reassuring his Amnesiac self that the task wouldn’t be too difficult or Daniel just honestly not knowing Alexander’s true strength - it could be Alexander was trying to keep up the appearance of a frail old man while Daniel was there and left the physically demanding tasks to him and his servants. Honestly, I think Alexander is pretty strong, he just downplays it when there’s someone around to see him. Like you said, he has been handling the prisoners alone for God knows how long, and while the Gatherers can clearly help with some of the work, they don’t have the motor skills to perform any finer tasks like handling tools and such. 300 years as a human is a long time but it could be nothing to Alexander’s actual species, so who knows, perhaps he’s actually considered quite young where he’s from.