Regarding Alexander's appearance and origins

QUESTION: You think that some of Alexander's alien aspects might have translated into his human form? Eye colour, hair colour, skin tone,or size? -sent by anonymous

Personally, I don’t really think so, but I really love it when people explore this idea in art/writing, because it’s such an interesting idea. I think my favourite trope is Alexander having yellow eyes that perhaps glow in the dark when he forgets himself (forgets to hold the glamour in place). Or that sometimes his real form sort of ‘bleeds’ through the human glamour and you might see his shadow having a form that’s not human, or his silhouette suddenly, for a few moments, having something like extra limbs etc.

It sounds wonderfully creepy, but I admit I have no imagination for alien stuff so I have no image in my head about what he could look like to even begin to describe or draw it. Just something big and potentially monstrous (or maybe it’s the exact opposite and his species are also some form of humanoids, who knows).