Agrippa, Weyer, and the betrayal: falling out with Alexander

QUESTION: That's actually one of the things I always wondered. About Weyer and Agrippa, why did they do what they did? Did Weyer actually intend to bring Alexander back home, but then Alexander imprisoned Agrippa? We know Alexander came to earth 3 centuries ago, so they must have met him relatively early, so maybe they were one of the reason Alexander started disliking humans? It's just, something really wrong with their backstory, and it's really a pity that there never was some closure for that chapter. -sent by anonymous

My theory is that Weyer decided to go through the portal to smooth things over for Alexander. He was, according to his notes at the very least, exiled on earth, and it makes me think there must have been a reason to this. Maybe it was a punishment of some kind, perhaps for committing a crime in his homeworld, or perhaps he was just framed for a crime he never committed. Whatever the case, he had entrusted Weyer and Agrippa with his story, so they must have known why he was there and why he was trying to go back. Perhaps Weyer thought that Alexander couldn’t return home safely unless someone else went before him and tried to clear his name or otherwise make sure he wouldn’t just be captured and punished again immediately upon return… or that’s my guess, anyway. I think his intention was to help and for whatever reason, he thought he could best help Alexander from the other side.

It feels like he didn’t communicate his intentions clearly enough to Alexander, though, since he felt betrayed and essentially kept Agrippa hostage as a result. It seems Agrippa knew something about Weyer’s intentions but didn’t want to go through with it, and just got caught in the middle, not really knowing whom to side with. It’s just sad, really, those three seemed to have a pretty long history as friends, and it all just went to hell.