Theories and meta

Assorted game meta, theories, reviews, and thoughts saved from my Tumblr. Many of these are based on fandom discussions and questions (asks) sent by other Tumblr users, hence the question-answer format that I've utilised in most of these.

Lore and character related

Amnesia and the Orpheus myth: descending into the Underworld

Conserning the state of Brennenburg, servants, and the food supply

Alexander von Brennenburg, Freiherr of the state

Agrippa, Weyer, and the betrayal: falling out with Alexander

In the end: are there good endings in Amnesia?

Regarding Alexander's appearance and origins

Regarding Alexander's age and supposed frailty

Regarding Alexander's portrait on low sanity

Innocence Is Dead: or, in Amnesia, everyone is guilty

Are the Gatherers drones or sentient beings?

Gameplay and design related

Daniel's design and Alexander's heterochromia: origins of fanon


Amnesia: Rebirth - review after a blind first-time playthrough