Random things for your free use. No credit needed, edit as you want or see fit. Note that most of these are fairly old.

Valentine's Day greeting cards

Holiday cards

Christmas greeting from 2017.

Easter greeting... thingy? Also from 2017.

Garbo & Malloy fake screenshots

This is a parody of Garbo & Malloy, a talkshow in the game Night In The Woods.

Brennenburg maps

Hand-drawn maps of Brennenburg's upper floors. Click on the thumbnails to view the full images.

Don't Starve avatars and icons

Don't Starve style avatars of Alexander and Daniel.

Pride avatars and icons

A bunch of Pride icons from 2018 that I shared on Tumblr. I'm aware that all possible flags aren't included and that the lesbian flag is outdated, but I'm currently not planning to make any more or edit these as this batch alone took literal hours, and I don't have the original .psd files any more. Feel free to edit them if you want to.